What technical equipment to bring with you on your travels

So you’re thinking of traveling but have no idea what equipment you might need with you? Well I guess you’ve come to the right place. Seeing as I am currently travelling and have a background in technology, I thought I’d put together a list of must haves which I have taken with me on my travels.

Universal Adapter – £20 – Buy

I brought two of these with me and they’ve been life savours. I don’t have to worry about buying different types of adapters and they also have USB ports so you can plug your cables straight into the adapter and get charging.

Charging Cables – £10

I would recommend two of each, one long and one short – the reason why I say to bring two different lengths is because you can’t be sure where sockets are going to be placed in the hotel rooms,apartments or hostels that you’ll be staying at and most people (like myself) prefer to have their phone or other devices close to them.

HDMI or other display cables – £15 – BUY

If you’re bringing a laptop or tablet with you and would prefer to watch your shows or Netflix on the TV screen rather than your device then don’t forget your display cables. The buy link is for a HDMI to USB-C cable which I bought for my Mac that has worked and lasted pretty well.

Port Hub – £20 – BUY

Again, if you’re bringing a laptop with you and aren’t sure if you have all the ports you need already available on your laptop then it’s worth getting a port adapter like the one linked above. They are cheap and can save a lot of hassle. Just be sure to pick one that is adaptable with your laptop or electronic device.

Headphones – Prices vary from £20 to £350++

I couldn’t travel without my headphones! There are plenty of times when you are abroad or travelling that you need to shut out the noise so for me headphones are a must. Bluetooth headphones are great but just remember that you might not be able to charge your headphones in the middle of the day (if you’re sight seeing or travelling around).

Unlocked Smartphone

This is an obvious one for most people but many times people (including myself) forget to unlock their device before travelling abroad. If you are on a contract, you can give your network provider a call and request that your device be unlocked. This can take a couple of days to complete so I would do it in advance of your departure.Internet connectivity is actually great in most places that I have visited in South East Asia. My tip would be that once you land, make sure to grab a SIM card at the airport and you’ll be online in no time.

Kindle – £50 to £250 – BUY

If you enjoy reading but don’t want to waste space in your luggage with books then a Kindle or any other e-reader is definitely worth bringing along with you. It’s a great way of passing time when you’re on long journeys. The above link is for the Kindle Oasis which is what I have but in all honesty any e-reader will do. I received mine as a present but I had the normal Kindle (£60) for years and was perfectly happy with it.

Laptop/Tablet – prices vary

I’d give it a miss if you’re not a techie person, need it for work or like catching up with tv shows/movies.

Camera – prices vary – BUY

Your phone camera will probably do unless you’re interested in photography or would just like to take better quality photos. In that case, I’d either recommend a compact camera (the one linked above is basically the beast of compact cameras!) or a DSLR for the pros (which if you are you’d obviously already have one!). I can do a separate post on what camera equipment we brought along with us.

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