Let’s say our hello’s

Let’s see. How do I start this? How should you greet people that you’ve potentially never met before…or perhaps no-one at all? Hi? That works – hi!

I guess I’ll begin by introducing myself. My name is Klaudia (obvious one) and I’m a late twenty something (don’t need to know the exact number yet….we’ve only just met!) that’s decided to start her very own blog.

My immediate reason for it is well…I’ve always wanted to but I never really had anything exciting to write about. And that’s what brings us here now, excitement. I recently decided to leave my lovely home in London and travel all over South East Asia with my boyfriend. Cliche, right?! Well, not quite on this instance. I’m not like most which start travelling at a much younger age. No, I waited until I had built a great career and had a good income to leave most of that behind and go for the unknown. You see, unlike when you’re younger and have nothing to lose, doing this at my age is a little bit more challenging. And so I decided to take my work with me because I can’t completely cut off my career at this stage in my life.

So back to reasons for the blogging:

  • I want to push myself to do things which I’m likely to cower out of.
  • I want to document my journey and show it to my friends and family without having to send the same photos in multiple WhatsApp groups.
  • My boyfriend builds websites for a living and is quite handy with a camera too.
  • My career is in technology so I’m not so bad at no 3 myself.

And what kind of blog is this going to be? Well, to be honest, I’m not quite sure. I’m into tech, makeup, fashion and travelling. I like reading (currently on my 12th book out of 20, the target for the year) and TV.

Whilst I’m figuring this all out, I’m hoping you can all tune in and figure it out with me, because why the hell not!

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